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25 Μαΐου 2010

British universities race at huge regatta

A gold medal winning crew from Oxford Brookes University at the 2010 BUCS PricewaterhouseCoopers Regatta in Nottingham, Great Britain.The biggest student rowing regatta in Europe saw 4000 student rowers compete in Nottingham, Great Britain. The 2010 BUCS PricewaterhouseCoopers Regatta was held over the first weekend of May at Nottingham’s National Watersports Centre, with a capped amount of 985 crews taking part from 64 universities.
Organised by BUCS, British Universities & Colleges Sport, the regatta was raced over three days. The large number of entries meant that some events needed time trials to narrow down the field to those who would qualify for the heats. Not including the time trials, a total of 246 races were needed to get through the entries and races went as late as 7.30pm some evenings.
The trophy for the top university, the Victor Ludorum Trophy, went to Durham University for the seventh year in a row. Durham finished with 1011 points. This put them 135 points ahead of Imperial College who finished in second. Durham had the largest number of entries with 44 boats. Newcastle was the next biggest at 40 entries and they finished third overall.
Of the 64 universities entered more than 40 universities got crews through to the finals with 19 universities winning gold medals.
Crews racing at the 2010 BUCS PricewaterhouseCoopers Regatta in Nottingham, Great Britain.BUCS Rowing has been working hard to support the growth of rowing at the grass-roots level and this led to a substantial increase in the number of beginner entries. About 30 per cent of the entries were of crews that have only been rowing for a year.
This regatta is also a chance for British rowing selectors to keep an eye out for talent. A number of 2010 under-23 British trialists raced for their university over the weekend and will be looking to get into the British under-23 squad or the World University Championships.
BUCS is the national organisation for higher education sport in Great Britain. It manages the development and competition programme for 50 sports. BUCS introduced the rowing regatta in the mid 1990s. Rowing has been part of the university sport programme since the 1930s.
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