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1 Ιουνίου 2010

Filippi Lido

Dear rowers, dear coaches,

I’m proud, after long time, to shake your hands even if only virtually and offer to you the best we’re able to produce in our shipyard. I adorn myself with your such a lot successes since the continuous tests, the rushes to finish the boats in time for the races, the sleepless nights to turn over in our minds about a particular to make, have been a lot and they acquainted us with your results. But technique, product and skill are nothing if they aren’t supported by a net of punctual and capillary services.

So I wanted to renew this “window” and make it a really interactive moment in order to transform it in a service for you, something where it’s possible to update, to reflect, to confront all together.

You are invited to participate to our blog or to evaluate the different questions ( F.A.Q.) that you can find in the interactive area.

And I hope that pictures and deepenings will be useful to explain how and why we built something.

Not to mention the on-line catalogue which will make easy the requests of boats and spare parts.

Filippi Lido 

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