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6 Ιουλίου 2010

Αθλήτρια του Μήνα η Αλεξάνδρα στο !!!

Alexandra Tsiavou (July 2010)

Experience what is going on inside an elite athlete’s mind

Nationality:Greece (GRE)
Boat Class: LW1x, LW2x
Key Results: World Rowing Championships - 1 gold
 European Rowing Championships - 3 golds
 World Rowing U23 Championships - 2 golds
Alexandra Tsiavou of Greece poses for a photo during the 2007 World Rowing Under 23 Championships at Strathclyde, Scotland (GBR).
Alexandra Tsiavou of Greece poses for a photo during the 2007 World Rowing Under 23 Championships at Strathclyde, Scotland (GBR).
Alexandra Tsiavou of Greece prepares for the S.B lightweight women's single sculls heats at the 2007 World Rowing Under 23 Championships in Strathlcyde, Scotland (GBR).
Alexandra Tsiavou of Greece poses with her gold medal after winning the Women's Lightweight Single Sculls final race during day 2 of the FISA Rowing World Cup on May 30, 2009 in Banyoles, Spain.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)
5 July 2010
The rowing club of Igoumenitsa in Greece has a famous member: Alexandra Tsiavou is the 2009 Best Athlete for Greece. In that year she became a World Champion in the lightweight women’s double sculls and won the European Rowing Championships in the same class. This was on the back of making the 2008 Olympic final in the double and becoming the Under-23 Champion in the lightweight single for the second time the previous year. Tsiavou is good, very good, and her rowing career is only just beginning. World Rowing profiles Tsiavou as the 2010 season gets under way and finds out where the 24-year-old is heading.
World Rowing: How did you first got involved in rowing?
Alexandra Tsiavou:
 I have been rowing since I was 12. My coach, Mr Kitsatis, proposed the idea to my parents if I was interested in joining the rowing team that was just starting in Igoumenitsa.
WR: What did you know about rowing before you started?
 Actually nothing because it was the first rowing team established in Igoumenitsa and it was something new for me.
WR: Did you get to watch any rowing at the Olympics Games in Athens?
 Yes, I was there too. I watched all the finals of rowing and I was really touched when the first race finished. There was a strong feeling around because Greece also took part and we got the third position (in the lightweight men’s double) and the first medal at the Olympic Games for rowing.
WR: Did you ever imagine that you would get to the Olympic Games yourself?
 When I started to row I never thought about it! But my coach always tried to pass on this dream to me, so when the time came to try for the Olympics I started to imagine the possibility.
WR: What is your typical day like at the moment?
 It’s a very typical athletic day: training, resting, training, resting. Thank god it’s not always the same. I love different days.
WR: I understand you are a qualified school teacher. Do you currently teach?
 I don’t work as a teacher at the moment due to my heavy rowing schedule. I am a primary school teacher and I used to work for a while two years ago. My students knew about the rowing side of my life and they were very curious about rowing.
WR: Is there one thing that would get in the way of you continuing as an elite rower?
 I am sure there is, but so far it hasn’t come my way!
WR: During a tough race when your body wants to stop what keeps you going?
 This feeling is very familiar to me, because I get it during training too. In this very difficult moment during a race I think about all my long last training hours, so I keep on going.
WR: What do you like to do to unwind from rowing?
 I relax, spend time with my friends and family and also read books.

WR: What is one thing about you that most people would not know?
 I love speed and especially to ride a motorcycle and go on trips with my boyfriend.
WR: What kind of interest did you receive in Greece after you won the 2009 Athlete of the Year?
 Mainly interviews. Many people had the opportunity to know about me through this event.
WR: Where is your most favourite place to row?AT: I prefer places with lots of nature around. Bled and Lucerne are my top choices.
WR: You will be racing in the single at the Lucerne Rowing World Cup, are there any plans for you to form a double?
 Until now the plans about me are as you know. After Lucerne a new period starts and maybe things will be different.

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